Our Story


My name is Sarah and I am the owner and founder of Rustic Chic Color, mama to 4 amazing little guys and proud wife of a police officer.  This business started with me painting furniture in my garage for 2 years and then opening up a brick and mortar, offering custom paint services and paint classes.  Three years following that, business was booming, and I relocated to a 200+ year old farmhouse located in the heart of Main Street in Lexington, SC.  God is beyond great you guys, and He made every dream come true with this business.  By the end of 2017, the Rustic Chic team had grown and we were offering many different services including custom painting, interior design, paint workshops, custom carpentry, monthly markets and more, with a 6-month waiting list for customs.  We were even voted The State's Best in Interior Design!

As you all know, a growing business takes up a lot of time, as well as energy.  This eventually took a toll on my health and it was taking away WAY too much time from my precious family.  In May of 2018, I decided it was time to close up shop and prioritize things, which was perfect timing, as shortly after, my husband took a position that would mean our family moving. 

Now, present time, I am currently transforming client's cabinets and furniture pieces, shipping art supplies, hosting paint workshops (because sometimes this mama likes to party too!) and focusing on helping others achieve their creative dreams,  all while creating lifelong memories with my husband and our four crazy fellas.  My passion of painting and making happy accidents has become my life's work, and I am constantly finding myself becoming re-inspired and energized by all of you creative people (thanks for that, by the way). 

My world can easily be summarized into colorful chaos...trying to keep up with my 4 young fellas and running this little gig here for sanity.  My mentality is about the same as any artist: I love hard, obsess a lot, drink a little too much, love coffee, outdoors, family, and any and all of things handmade.  Painting is not my only sanity-mender.  I also love crocheting, sewing/monogramming, vinyl everything etc.  To say I am artsy and a beautiful mess would be an understatement, as my husband often walks into my new creation for the day and my lack of tidying up the house.  After 14 years of marriage, he gets me and loves me nonetheless.

So...there you have it.  If you have anymore questions, I'm an open book so just shoot me a message anytime or join me on one of my Facebook LIVES and we can get to know each other!